Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crazy Foods...

It's been a while since I posted anything about Kelsey's eating habits. I'm happy to say (knock on wood) that Kelsey is still a good eater. So here's 3 quick food quips:

(This one is for T-dawg) I was at the grocery store by myself (aaahhhhhh heaven!!) and I was walking down the canned fruit/veggie row. I scanned the shelves and looked up and saw beets. I decided I would pick up a small can and let Kelsey try them. As my hand reached for them I chuckled (partly to myself, partly out loud) for 2 reasons: 1st being that I don't think I've ever eaten beets (intentionally at least) and 2nd it brought back a memory from college when my roomie Tracy opened up a can/jar of beets and started eating them. I laughed at her then thinking she was so weird!! My chuckle came from realizing my child is gonna be the weird roomie now! (Love you T)

Pickled Ginger...I bought some sushi rolls at Publix the other night for dinner. Kelsey and I were eating out back b/c it was so nice out. She looked at my tray where the ginger was and said "try" and put her finger in her mouth. (I put peanut butter on her finger the other week and told her to try it) So I figured what the hay...I'll let her try it. She ate the first piece and said "I like" and asked for more. So she ended up eating 3 of the slices of pickled ginger. Crazy Girl!

Eggplant..I made eggplant tonight (she's had this before and I've posted about it). This time she was saying eggplant though and kept saying yummy as she would eat it. Of course when I turned the camera on, she would no longer say yummy. It was still cute though.



Terry said...

that's great that she is such a good eater. This is such a common battle at this age. What is/was the secret? What do you do if she refuses to eat dinner or do you make things that you know she will eat? I am curious because I find that even when my kids like something and I make it for them, they sometimes won't want to eat it "just because".

Lori Beth said...

T~ The only thing I know I did was to make all of her baby food. So she actually tasted what real food was from the beginning. I don't know if that's it or not, but I'll def be trying it when we have a #2. I pretty much make a variety of things for dinner. I'd say 99% she eats with no problem, but when she does try to fight us on it, we just leave it be and let her sit there not forcing it, and she eventually eats it. I know it's irrational, but since so many of our nieces and nephews pretty much only eat chicken nuggets, I have refused to let her have any. The chicken tenders that I tried to make from scratch the other night are the closest she has gotten. (and they weren't very good) I think that sometimes kids refuse to show they can. Chalk it up to kids being kids. I know K will be there one day and do the same thing. I think it's a battle every parent has/will have.

Tracy said...

HA! weird roomie..whatever! Beets are good for you, lets just say I was setting a good example ;) Pickled beets are my fav.