Friday, March 13, 2009

An Afternoon w/ Daddy

Since daddy has been working hard with school this week, we met him in Orlando for the afternoon. It was so good to see him and I think he would've held Kelsey the entire time if I hadn't told him she was tired and could ride in the stroller. (so cute how much he loves his babygirl) We went to Downtown Disney and just strolled along. Went in all the stores and stopped and played with the Legos. It was a really great time.

Look Daddy!! This Dragon was made of ALL Legos
Trying to play Legos...we realized the pieces were to small for her little hands!

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The Berni Family said...

FUN times!! We have a Lego place here at the Mall of America but they actually have a Duplo block (the little kid Legos) table for the little ones to play with. Emma LOVES that place. They have dinosaurs and Star Wars figures made out of Legos there!