Tuesday, November 18, 2008

While Mom's away the children will play....

Lou & Kelsey with Tigger and Pooh on their way out of the park Friday night
Gma Roselli with Colin and Ryan

Uncle Glenn, Aunt Christine, Isabel and Kelsey with Pluto

I went out of town this weekend for the first time by myself. Granted, Lou's left for work and school and we've both left together twice to go on trips, but I had never left by myself. I got butterflies and got a little teary eyed when Lou and Kelsey dropped me off at the airport on Friday, but I knew she would be fine with her daddy.
Lou took her up to Disney with his family for the weekend. They went to Mickey's very Merry Christmas at the Magic Kingdom on Friday night, it goes from 7-midnight. Lou took Kelsey back to the hotel early b/c it was raining and she was tired. Saturday they ventured off to the Animal Kingdom, which I hear she had a blast at. They had a good time hanging with Gma Roselli, aunts/Uncle, and cousins. We are definitely blessed to be near enough to most of her cousins that Kelsey will hopefully be able to develop a great relationship with them.

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