Sunday, November 9, 2008

TV and sitting

A little background..Kelsey only watches a little TV. About 20 min in the morning b/w drinking her milk/snuggling and me getting dressed, maybe 10 min in the afternoon while I shower and then sometimes about 15 min while drinking her milk before bath.

I was exhausted this morning (Kelsey woke up fussing at 5:45 and the mom in me, who would normally let her put herself back to sleep, heard something different in the cry so I jumped out of bed and ran in to her room. She was fine, but needless to say it took 20 minutes after her seeing me to get her to go back to sleep). When she woke up for real at 8:30 we tried to let her sit in our bed and watch TV with daddy, but she kept climbing on me. So, my wonderful husband took her downstairs and let me sleep a little more. When I came downstairs later to help with breakfast the TV was on. (no biggie) While I was feeding her, her eyes were glued to the TV, so Lou turned it off. After breakfast she kept pointing at the TV that's off saying "TV" and then going over to the couch and say "seat, seat" (that's how it sounds when she says sit) and would sit on the floor. Lou heard it and said earlier he told her she could only watch TV if she sat on the couch with daddy!! So cute...yet funny because she really doesn't get to watch it that much.

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