Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yeah for Craigslist!!

So I made a great buy on craigslist this morning. Yesterday afternoon someone posted a Little Tykes swing and slide set for $25. I looked it up and it originally cost $120. Lou's sister and b-inlaw are going to give us their big swing set, but we have to find a way to get it up here. I had just mentioned to Lou last weekend that we should start thinking about it because Kelsey can go in a baby swing on it...So, I thought to myself..."self...this is perfect for Kelsey for right now until we can manage to get the other one up here and set up" I called and left a message for it like 30 min after they popsted, but didn't hear back from them. Then while I was at the gym this morning they called and left a message asking if I was still interested. Heck Yeah!! Kelsey and I took a trip to the other side of PSL, picked it up, brought it home and reassembled it. She loved it. I couldn't catch her laughing on the video..because she gets camera shy, but she laughed none the less.

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