Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday at Gramma & Grampa's

With Lou out of town, my parents invited my sister's family down and Kelsey and I over to spend the entire day. (It's great to have other people around who can hold and love on Kelsey too) We got there around noon and everyone was in the pool (it's heated), so we put on our suits and hopped in too! Kelsey loves being wet in her baths, so this was fun. Once she got comfortable, she was even splashing a little bit.
After we got out of the pool and dried off, it was time for lunch!! Today we added Bananas! First bite she was not sure, but after a few more she loved it. I then mixed it with some avacado and then some rice cereal. Kelsey is such a good eater. (knock on wood)
Never fear Auburn fans...she has an Auburn bib too. Daddy's at UF this week for class though, so we are supporting him

Kelsey does this thing where she grabs your ears or the hair on the side of your head and pulls you towards her. She then tries to suck on your chin or your nose (or anything else on your face). Sean thought this was so much fun. He was loving getting Kelsey "kisses" and was laughing hysterically.

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