Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aunt Christine's Wedding (& Uncle Gary)

Last weekend was a joyous moment in our family. Christine and Gary made it official and were married down at the beach in Delray. Kelsey was in the wedding along with her cousins and she did magnificient. She sat all by herself (next to her cousins Ryan & Colin) in a chair during the ceremony and was soooo good (Mommy & Daddy were in the wedding as well so we were standing). At one point she started taking handfuls of her flowers out of her basket and dumping them on the sand..then she decided just to dump over the entire basket. Everyone who was watching was laughing at our little princess, I had a hard time controlling my laughter too.

She took NO nap that day as we were totally out of routine, unless you count the 10 minutes she slept on the way over to the ceremony. I was dreading the meltdown that I expected to happen at any moment. To our complete shock and surprise she was WONDERFUL!! She was up until about 10:20 when she finally fell asleep in my arms. She enjoyed herself dancing and running around. She was really great with family she had never met before and even willingly went to them to dance and just be carried.

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