Monday, February 2, 2009

Kelsey's First Camping Trip

We wanted to do something for my birthday, but Lou had school that weekend. We decided that we'd go camping the next weekend and booked a site at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine. We invited some friends to come along as well. Little did we know when we booked that it would be FREEZING this weekend. We decided to play it by ear and camp Friday night and then if it was just unbearable (for us or the kiddos) we'd either be in a hotel or just go home on Saturday. We got all prepared, bought Kelsey a hat/gloves, a longer jacket, boots, and a bigger size footie jammies since they'd be going over her thermal jammies (all bought on clearance I might add!!) We also bought 2 electric heaters, one for each tent, since the campsite had electric.

The girls having fun while their daddy's set up camp

Tricia already bundled really wasn't that cold yet!
T is always a prepared mommy..she had stickers and Dora coloring pages!!

Lou & Jeff trying to be manly men and start the fire using flint (they gave in and used kindling and a lighter)The girls hanging out while their Daddy's tried to start the fire
Mommy and Kelsey

Friday night was not too bad. We got the fire going, fed the kids, put them to bed rather easily, cooked our food, ate smores, and talked (Lou fell asleep way early when he went in once to comfort Kelsey) The heaters kept tripping the circuit breaker. When we finally went to bed at 1ish, the guys got up a few times to reset the breaker then we were all asleep. I woke up around 3:30 and was warm in my flannel pants, long sleeve shirt socks and in my sleeping bag, however my face was very cold since the heaters were off. The morning was FREEZING, it must've been in the 30's but felt like colder. We got Kelsey dressed and left her thermal jammies on under her jeans and sweater. We made coffee, egg/cheese sandwiches and then went out to go sight see. We went to one of the forts and then out to lunch after a detour through the one way streets of downtown St. Augustine.

Sat morning...Kelsey and Daddy all bundled up and happy!

Lou & Kelsey at the fort
The Fort
Our other friends showed up Saturday afternoon. After setting up their tent, the girls took off to shop for dinner and left all the kids with the guys. They took them on a hike. Kelsey passed out on Lou's shoulder on the hike and then he put her down on our bed. After we got back, the guys went out searching for wood (don't be that guy!) We had an incredible fire all night long. We made burgers and smores (yes again) and just hung out after the kids went to sleep. We were able to use the electric from the next site to run the heater for the third tent, and found that if we ran the other 2 on medium, that they wouldn't trip the breaker, so Sat night was much warmer in the tents. All in all we had a great trip and we think Kelsey had a god time too!
Kelsey passed out after her hikeThe guys debating about going to find woodKelsey and I in front of the fireKelsey playing in the tent
The Girls! Tricia, Megan and me

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